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Silkworm House

Works - Silkworm House

Wood-burning stove from Sato stainless   2017:01:23:14:32:03


A wood-burning stove was installed in Flea Hut at Moon Night. This is a wood-burning stove by Sato Stainless in Mochizuki, Saku. The construction was done by ourselves, but it was more difficult than expected to install to the sheet metal roof and it took four days. I would like to thank Mr. Sato of Sato Stainless Steel and Mr. Kaneko of the Sakuho Town Regional Cooperation Corps for their cooperation!


ato's wood stove. The design can make one imagine somewhere like the machines that appear in the sky castle Laputa. Exquisitely fits in with the atmosphere of the Flea hut, and creates a more special space when the fire is lit. The structure and functions are simple, lean, and easy to use. The more one uses the wood stove through trial and error, the more one feels a sense of accomplishment.I think Mochizuki's wood-burning stoves are some of the best in the world.


Blindfold door of the entrance   2017:06:18:14:11:43


Using an old shoji door that was found in a flea hut, we made a blindfolded door.The decorative bamboo became a good color after lightly seared with a gas burner. Bamboo has become a nuisance in the region and is very easy to obtain, so I hope to make good use of it.