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About Sanson Terrace

Sanson Terrace began in 2014 in the Ohinata area in ​​Sakuho, Nagano Prefecture. Currently, there are three small spaces where you can stay, where through trial and error we built with our own hands. In Sakuho, there are not so many famous tourist attractions, but there is a sense of "real life". It is not an inn to “stay” for sightseeing, but it is aimed at spending time in the space or living life in Sakuho itself. We hope you enjoy the cultural sphere of where we live.

What we want to create

Sanson Terrace, the first small hut that I built with my friends, its origin was influenced by a cottage I stayed at nestled deep within a forest in Finland. We are not professional carpenters or professional architects. It takes a lot of time to create one space. We imagine and express what kind of space we want to spend time in and what kind of life we want to live as a resident of this area. We want to know the culture and environment of the area and create a space that gives life to the region and the region gives life to the space we create.