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Silkworm House since 2016 by appointment only

We renovated a small, seventy year old house once used for sericulture. Inspired by the richness of the earthen walls and the massive beams of red pine, we strived to recreate the delicate and beautiful life of living in a mountain village. People who lived around sericulture houses would often say, “When I was a kid, that sericulture place was kind of creepy and I wouldn't go in because I was too scared.”The sericulture house, with its storehouse and storage shed, was a place children were both wary of and curious about, igniting their imagination and sense of adventure. It is now a relaxing space with a unique interior, a remnant of past days. It’s entirely up to you how you spend your time here, such as reading a book, looking at the garden or enjoying meal or drink.

As much as possible, we used old materials that were found in the sericulture house, local materials, and furniture handed over from the abandoned school in the town. It is a neat building where you can feel warmth and nostalgia, but the details are simple and beautiful.



Cooking stove, sink / refrigerator, cooking utensils, table wear, spices / herbal tea・coffee beans, coffee grinder etc.
※No freezer, microwave, oven

Living room

Table, chairs, sofa / fireplace, oil heater / Wi-fi, amp, hangers


bath towels, face towels, tooth brushes, hair dryer, cotton swab, shampoo,conditioner, body soap


Queen-size bed, 2sets of single futon / desk / AC


Terrace, hammock chair, garden, firewood storage


Silkworm Housecapacity 4 people

Fee for use of building 17,000JPY〜 / night(tax included)

1person 17,000JPY / night
2person 19,000JPY / night
3person 22,000JPY / night
4person 25,000JPY / night

Children under 3 years old:no charge,under 6 years old:1,500JPY,under 12 years old:2,000JPY
2,000JPY extra on the day before weekends or holidays

Long stay
More than 2 nights 6,000JPY discount per night. No cleaning service

About stay at Silkworm House